JS Tactical Riggers Belt

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This High Quality Tactical Belt is made from 1.75 inch webbing with a tensile strength of 7,000 lb. Hook & Loop secures the running ends of the belt to ensure there is no belt flap.

Some Features Include:

- Heavy Duty Design
- Supports Holsters, Pouches, Flashlights & More
- High Quality Metal Buckle & Velcro Quick Adjustment
- Perfect Everyday Carry

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Thom S.

My two items are well made and as described !
The single point Sling is perfect, the rigger’s belt is solid with a strong Velcro section on it. Fit is perfect!
Go get some!

Pittman Stone
Nice and sturdy

Holds my pants up great, I like thick belts which is the only reason I bought it I don’t have a use for a rigging belt. But it holds my tools up at work and it’s nice and sturdy so 0 complaints.

Leroy Clark
Recommended for everyone

After trying many different types and brands this is my go to tactical belt for work. I have 2 and use them as my daily duty/work belt. Feels sturdy and 100% a premium product. I recommend this product to friends and coworkers so I would recommend it to anyone.

Wagner Gray
Love this belt...

I love this belt , I am thinking about getting more in different colors , best belt I ever used in the field tested this year for a month ( oct 2021 ) in the woods , belt never failed and did everything I needed and more.

Franceska Mills

Hubby says it works better than the standard issue belt and that the velcro does not rub the material of his coveralls. That was his whole point in getting a different belt. After wearing it for a a few days, he reported it was not rubbing like his standard issue. Happy.