JS Pistol Magazine Loader & Unloader

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This military-grade, pocket-size, universal pistol magazine loader and unloader is designed to load and unload virtually all* 9mm Luger up to .45ACP single and double stack magazines of all manufacturers.

  • Pocket-size. One size fits all. No inserts, spacers or adjustments at all !
  • Easy loading; the rounds just drop in with no thumb pushing or pressing.
  • No more pain ! Load hundreds of rounds painlessly.
  • Up to one round per sec. loading rate. 1/3 the time loading several mags with thumb.
  • Fits in hand and pocket, weighs only 66 grams (2.3 Ounce).

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Mag Loader/Unloader

I was surprised to see the quality of the mag loader- my experience has been with all plastic construction. The JStonewell loader has a metal tongue, not likely to break after repeated use, unlike most of the other loaders out there. Great stuff - expecting a lifetime of use!

Worked well

I bought this to load a high capacity .40 magazine that after 5 rounds is almost impossible to fill by hand. There was a bit of a shipping issue that was quickly resolved with an email to customer service. Once I received the package I removed the loader and immediately filled the magazine. Admittedly I had to figure out how it worked but once I got going it worked fine. The mag was fully loaded and my thumbs were still usable. Well worth the price.