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easily be seen by drivers in

all weather conditions

"Great little light that is bright and easy to mount. All features have great battery life and I love the braking and auto on/off features." - Karen D.

rtx bike lock

  • Built To Last - Full Aluminium Alloy Chassis

  • Built In Light Sensor - Automatically turns on/off depending on light and motion sensor.

  • Brake Sensor Mode - when braking is detected, the light will be highlighted for 5 seconds then enter slow flashing mode

  • Sleep Mode - Automatically goes into sleep mode after 30 seconds when not in use to save power

  • Easy To Mount - Either mount to your seat or seat post.

  • Long Battery Life - 500MAH High-Capacity Battery lasts up to 20+ hours of solid run time. USB cord for recharging

  • Waterproof - IPX6 waterproof rating. No matter the conditions, you're protected

This best selling, smart sensor rear bike light is made of heavy-duty aluminium alloy with 7 different BRIGHT flash modes to help increase your bikes visibility, keeping you safe while out for a ride and drivers more aware.

smart Compact design

always Be visible to motorists and even pedestrians that are following you.

  • Enhanced Visibility - Our bike taillight provides excellent visibility for traffic approaching from the rear.

  • Helps Keeps You Safe – having a rear light on your bicycle increases your ability to be seen. When you’re talking about a bike vs. car situation, you absolutely want to be seen!

  • Convenience - easily transfer the light from bike to bike with our well-designed seat or seat post mounting system, which means you can easily use our light for whatever kind of riding you do.

Frequently asked questions

How many hours you can ride with one charge?

Up to 20+ hours on low light modes, 5-10 hours on other light modes

Does it take batteries

No, it contains a High-Capacity 500MAH Battery you recharge with the provided USB cord

Does it come with with seat post mounting attachment? 

Yes, you get both the seat post mount as well as the seat bracket mount to select from

Is it free shipping?  Yes! ...

Yes! We are offering fast free shipping on this special offer.

How to use it

  • Select the installation mount you want to use, either seat post connector or seat bracket mount.

  • Press the center button on the light for 3 seconds to turn on.

  • Press the center button to select desired light mode

  • Enjoy your ride knowing you're easily seen by approaching drivers

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