Baby Wipes Warmer

Looking for the perfect wipes warmer that'll warm up the wipes to just the right temperature for your baby? Our exclusive baby wipe warmer was designed to efficiently heat up the wipes and keep them fresh to avoid bacterial growth or extreme dryness.

Baby Wipes Warmer

Equipped with a smart temperature sensor, the diaper warmer maintains a warm temperature between 110 degrees F to 130 degrees F. Not only does the diaper wipe warmer keep the temperature at an optimal rate, but it also prevents internal bacteria growth.

The best part of all, the portable wipe warmer keeps the top 4 to 5 wipes warm at all times and has the capacity to hold up to 80 wet wipes at a time. Extremely convenient and easy to use.

Baby Wipes Warmer


EASY TO USE - Using the wipes warmer is an extremely simple task. Simply open the lid of the baby wipe warmer, fix the wipes into the plastic sealing, connect it to a power source, and heat away! After the set temperature has been reached, simply press the button on the diaper warmer to pop open the lid.

SAFE - Unlike traditional wipe warmers, this portable wipe warmer is extremely safe for long term use. The base on this diaper warmer contains a non-slip surface which ensures optimal friction to prevent any slips. Plus, the smart technology on the wipes warmer ensures that overheating does not occur.

PORTABLE - Due to the small and lightweight design, this baby wipe warmer is extremely easy to carry and portable. Take it anywhere you go and ensure that your child receives the warmth he or she deserves.

Package Includes:
1 x Baby Wipes Warmer
1 x Manual



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Suzanne Davidson
Fantastic Wipe Warmer

Having tried numerous types of wipe warmers, its hard to find one that not only warms the wipes to a good even temperature, but also one that doesn't completely dry out the pack of wipes! This one works really well in keeping the wipes at a nice even temperature without drying them out, and also holds an entire pack of wet wipes. Having warm wipes also makes it much more comfortable for baby during diaper changes. It makes for an excellent baby shower gift too. Highly recommended!

Madeline Gilbert
Adult wipes fit perfect

Bought this for my elderly parents wipes bigger than average baby wipes and the adult wipes fit! Only warmer I found that works they love it

Anne Harrington
Nice and easy to use wipe warmer

We like this wipe warmer. We've never had one before, but this one works well. Much nicer to use a warm wipe on our daughter than a freezing cold one!

Holly Soto
Just buy it

Ordered this wipe warmer shortly after my son was born. Everyone says “you’ll never use it” so I didn’t get one but my baby hates being cold and hates cold wipes and would scream during diaper changes. Now it’s not so bad and he doesn’t mind the wet WARM wipes. Also, since the wipes are warm he doesn't pee as much during diaper changes. This wipe warmer doesn’t dry out the wipes at all. It says it holds 80 but I throw in a 100 count wipe pack with no problem. The only downfall is the touch sensor. I’ve accidentally hit it without knowing and shut it off and the wipes weren’t warm the next diaper change but now I’m use to it and out of habit will check it after diaper changes when I close it to make sure I didn’t shut it off. But it’s definitely worth it and definitely a good product after reading many reviews on many other wipe warmers