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Automatic Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

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Treat your feline friend to the convenience of a self-cleaning litter box, ensuring a content and private space for their business. Say goodbye to scattered litter, as this all-in-one waste management system revolutionizes the conventional litter box experience. With its patented design, the integrated cat litter box and trash can combination virtually eliminates the risk of your cat getting pinched.

Dynamic Collection System optimizes space utilization with a generous 2.4-gallon (9-liter) waste collection compartment. This sizable capacity can accommodate a 13-pound cat for up to 15 days, allowing you to travel worry-free, knowing your furry companion is in capable hands.

Bid farewell to unpleasant odors with refrigeration-grade odor elimination. Free from chemical deodorants, this innovative system ensures a clean and fresh environment by keeping the waste securely contained within the litter box, with the dustbin doors sealing tightly after each use.

Stay in the know with the Smart Health Monitoring System, equipped with four weight sensors that provide real-time information about your cat's bathroom habits. Through the accompanying app, you can track your cat's frequency, timing, and weight fluctuations. Plus, the built-in infrared sensor ensures the device stops spinning and remains idle when your cat is nearby.

Choose between manual control or app control, offering you flexibility with four cleaning modes. Whether it's automatic sensor cleaning, scheduled cleaning, quick litter replacement, or odor control mode, you have the power to customize your cat's waste management experience. Experience even more control with Famree's mobile app, putting the power of a clean and odor-free litter box right at your fingertips.

Safety Structure: Integrated Barrel & Waste Bin Without Clamping Cat
Waste Bin Mode: Dynamic Faeces Collection
Compatible With: Multi Cat
Removing Odor & Sterilizations: Ionic Remove Odor, Closed Waste Bin
Anti Sticking Bottom Design: Barrel Bin
Intelligent Sensing Module: Active Infrareds Radar; 4 Sets of Gravity Modules
Protection: Intelligent Accident Protection; Anti Jumping Protection; Anti Bite Power Wire
Multi Mode Operation A: Auto Cleaning B: Timing Cleaning C: One Key Cleaning D: Sleep Mode
Volume: 0.13m³
Toilet Space: 65L
Waste Bin: 9L
Touch Panel: Yes
Ring Lamp: Yes
Remote Control: Yes
Weight Record: Yes
Health Monitoring: Yes

Common Issues:

Understanding the Problem of Cat Urine Overflow:
If you're experiencing issues with cat urine leakage, it may be due to your cat not yet adjusting to the new litter box. Sometimes, when cats use the litter box, they might urinate against the wall or in the gaps between the base and the litter box. This behavior can result from your cat's unfamiliarity with the setup. Give your cat some time to adapt and gently guide them to use the litter box correctly. We appreciate your support in making life smarter and more convenient for both you and your beloved pets!

Frequently Asked Questions about Network Configuration and the App:
(1) Ensure your mobile phone is connected to the 2.4G network of your router, not the 5G network. Connect your mobile phone to the 2.4G network before configuring the machine.
(2) If your router operates in dual-band mode, consult your router's instructions to separate the 2.4G and 5G signals, and then connect to the 2.4G frequency band.
(3) Make sure that Bluetooth and satellite positioning are enabled on your mobile phone when pairing with the network.
(4) To enter network mode, press and hold the WiFi button for 2 seconds. You'll hear a "di—" sound, and the WiFi symbol will flash to confirm network mode. If you don't hear "beep—" and the WiFi light doesn't flash, please press and hold the Auto button again.

Initial Machine Power Button Usage:
After turning on the device, there's a self-test period lasting 1 to 3 minutes. During this time, all buttons are non-operational. This is not a malfunction. You can use the machine once the self-test is complete.

Addressing Garbage Bag Installation:
For first-time use, we recommend referring to the instructional video or examining the pre-installed garbage bags on the machine to learn how to properly secure the garbage bags.

Package Included:
1x Smart Litter Box
1x trash bag
1x adapter
1x instruction manual


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