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100% No-Risk Money back guarantee

Outstanding quality - fit & feel

Strong quick release buckles

Allows you to easily take the sling 

off without pulling over your 


Dual bungee system

Absorbs all tension and shock of the firearm 

bouncing when not shouldered, preventing you 

from getting shoulder 


Hk hook adapter & elastic cover

Allows you to quickly detach and 

attach to a sling loop on a 


Easily attaches with any kind of firearm

Handguns, rifles, shotguns… even BB guns, paintball guns, and airsoft pistols and rifles

This is one of the best left/right handed deluxe single point slings for the money on the market today.

The sling comes with a heavy duty dual bungee system that absorbs all tension and shock of the firearm bouncing when not shouldered, preventing you from getting shoulder ache.

The metal spring loaded HK clip allows you to quickly detach and attach to a sling loop on a firearm.

A Shooter can easily detach the sling from the firearm via any of the three quick connect buckles and to quickly re-attach the sling back onto the firearm.

  • Perfect for left or right hand shooters

  • Can easily attach to any gun with 

    standard sling swivel or sling end plate 

    with default HK Clip that comes with 

    the sling. 

  • Dual bungee system reduces the tension 

    on your neck & shoulders making it very comfortable to wear for a longer duration

  • Strong QR buckles allow the user to easily remove the sling without pulling it over their head. This is extremely convenient if wearing a plate carrier.

  • Fully adjustable to wear how you like

  • Does not restrict your movement with your rifle.

Don't just take our word for it...

Great experience!

“I have had a lot of weapons slung on me over the years. From the Marine Corps to working 29 years in the largest Sheriffs Department in the world. These slings are top of the line. They are well made and built to take the punishment. I was surprised to get such a product off the Internet. If your serious about your weapons, this is the sling for you.

Mark Cripe

Super experience!

“Quite possibly the perfect single point sling. Adjustable for all body types and the adjustment points are covered by a velcro flap so it can’t get snagged on a door frame or some other point of gear. The attachment point for your weapon is also very sturdy. I also like the thickness of the sling and how robust it feels - you can't go wrong with this sling!!

Brian T Reynolds

Awesome experience!

“I've used a lot of single point slings (mostly through Magpul) and I don't believe I 

will ever go back to a traditional sling for

 an AR platform. I love everything about 

it and it's a great fit and immensely simple. I'm a huge fan of Hk clips so major 

brownie points there, and the quick 

release seems to be very 


Steven Carter

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does The Order Processing Take?

Orders normally take up to 24-48 hours to process – excluding weekends and holidays. During Holiday seasons, processing times may take longer due to high order volume. Some circumstances my take up to 72hrs depending on high volume of orders needing to be processed, but we will get your order out.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

We offer Free Shipping on all orders within the US.

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Shipping time to the US: 3 – 8 Business days

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Will I Receive A Tracking Number To Track My Order?

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I Haven’t Received A Confirmation Email After Placing The Order, What Should I Do?

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What Happens If I’m Not Home When My Item Is Delivered?

Usually, you’ll be left a collection slip if nobody was at home during delivery, 

so you can collect your parcel at your nearest post office.

I Received A Small International Charge On My Credit Card. What Is This For?

This is not a charge you will get from but a charge your bank is giving you for placing an order with an International Store. is a Canadian based store, however we ship orders worldwide. You may want to talk to your bank on the charge.

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